2017 KW Rage - GLi Champions

2017 KW Rage - GLi Champions



KW Rage Representative Program

  • Rage representative teams are organized, developed and operated by youth and adult volunteers. 

  • Opportunity to play is dependent on the level of commitment from players, parents and volunteers.

  • League guidance and assistance is provided to all players, volunteer coaches and team assistants. 

  • Rage Rep. teams generally consist of 8-10 skaters and 1-2 goaltenders.

  • Tournament play is available for all age groups and levels of skill, beginners - AAA.

  • Roster positions, cost, commitment, and tournament locations vary from year to year.

  • Opportunities are available for elite level players to tryout and compete for our Ontario Provincial and Canadian National/Pure Maple teams.

  • Floor time is available for Rage Rep. teams to practice and work on skill development, as are pucks and Rage team jerseys.

KW Rage Jr A - GLi Hockey League, Great Lakes Inline Hockey League

  • "In honour of long standing KW Inline Board Member, Rage Jr "A" Head Coach and grass roots builder of inline/roller hockey in Ontario, Mr. Harold Schulz, the GLi Champions are awarded the Harold Schulz Memorial Cup".

    • Following Harold's passing in March, 2016, the KW Rage Junior A's hit the floor for the 2017 season determined to honour the memory of their former Head Coach. Having a youthful roster combined with veterans, the Rage finished the season undefeated, winning the GLi Championship and returned the Harold Schultz Memorial Cup home to Waterloo.  

    • The GLi took a hiatus in 2018 and plans are in the works to redevelop the League into a Pro-Series for 2020.

    • For further information, please contact Scott D. Buehlow, Head Coach, KW Rage Jr A's, at tbuehlow@live.com or 519-364-5734


Photo addition, Canada Inline, Team Canada Junior Men

Photo addition, Canada Inline, Team Canada Junior Men

Canada Inline - Canadian National Teams and Tryouts/Pure Maple Club and Elite Teams

  • In 2019 Canada Inline will select Canadian National Teams to compete in the World Roller Games in Barcelona, Spain and the Masters and Veterans World Cup in Italy.

  • New in 2019 Canada Inline will select Pure Maple teams for participation at the AAU Junior Olympics in Hawaii, the East Coast NARCh Finals in Taylor, MI, the West Coast NARCh Finals in Irvine, CA and State Wars in Fort Wayne, IN.

  • In 2018, KW Inline member and SuperHero Convener Maria Gutierrez competed with Team Canada's Women at the World Roller Games in Asiago, Italy. KW Inline's Aidan Quish, Evan Visser, Drew Gerth and Carter Buehlow competed in Roana, Italy with Team Canada's Junior Men. 

  • 2019 youth and adult Canadian National Team tryouts will take place May 3 in London, ON and May 4 in Oakville, Ontario.


Roller Hockey Canada

  • Roller Hockey Canada select the top professional inline hockey players to participate in the IIHF-International Inline Hockey Federation, World Championships.

  • In 2019, Canada Inline President Ben Frank was selected as Director and Interim President of RHC. 



2017 Team Ontario 2000AAA State Wars Champions

2017 Team Ontario 2000AAA State Wars Champions

State Wars - Pure Maple Ontario Provincial Elite Teams and Tryouts

  • New in 2019, an independent committee of Canada Inline and State War representatives will select the top A/AA and AAA players in each birth year as Pure Maple Provincial team members.

  • State Wars hosts an International Championship each year in Divisions 6U through to Professional. 

  • Players selected to represent their Province compete against teams from across North America for the State Wars Championship.

  • Provincial tryouts will take place May 3 in London, ON and May 4 in Oakville, ON. 

  • State Wars Championships take place in Fort Wayne, IN, July 23 - August 5.


NARCh - North American Roller Hockey Championships

  • NARCh hosts both East and West Coast Championship Finals for House League to Professionals, in all age divisions.

  • Teams wishing to participate in a NARCh Final must first enter a Regional Qualifier in order to acquire a ranking.

  • Regional Qualifiers take place in Michigan, May 24-26 and New York, May 31-June 2.

  • East Coast Finals take place in Taylor, MI, June 21-30.

  • West Coast Finals take place in Irvine, CA, July 12-21.


TORHS - US National Inline Hockey Championships

  • TORHS hosts the National Inline Championships for A/AA to Professionals, in all age divisions.

  • Teams wishing to participate at TORHS Nationals must first enter a Preliminary Qualifier in order to acquire a ranking.

  • In 2018 KW Rage players Aidan Quish, Drew Gerth, Eastan Eckert and Carter Buehlow won silver in the U18 AAA Division at Nationals, Buehlow won a second silver in D1. 

  • Preliminary Qualifiers take place in New York, May 3-5 and Chicago, May 31 - June 2.

  • Nationals take place in Wesley Chapel, FL, June 28 - July 7.


TCS Roller Hockey

  • TCS host a number of tournaments throughout the United States with most divisions and levels of play available.


KW Inline Hockey is a member board run, not for profit organization which is operated by adult and youth community volunteers with the support of the City's of Waterloo and Kitchener.

Players, volunteer coaches and assistants wishing to assemble a team and/or participate in the KW Rage representative program, please contact;   

Scott D. Buehlow, 

Director of Rage Rep. Programming