I've never played inline. Will I be able to keep up?

Absolutely. Most ice hockey players adapt within a few floor times. We welcome players of all skill levels and inline experience at ALL age groups

Where are games played?

All league play takes place at Moses Springer arena in Waterloo

Will inline hockey mess up my ice hockey skating?

Although the skating technique is slightly different, it's only a minor adjustment for most ice hockey players

Do you need coaches, board members, or other volunteers?

We're always looking for extra help! Please reach out to us via our contact page

Can girls play?


I'm a goalie. What's different for me?

Goalies have the choice to wear inline skates or shoes (see our equipment page). Goalies also pay lower league fees

Are there opportunities to play more competitively?

Our league runs several competitive teams that take place in out-of-town tournaments throughout the season. Ask your coach for more information if you're interested

I'm a parent/older sibling. Are there any adult leagues?

Currently, we run a no-commitment, all-skill-levels drop-in floor time. See our "adult" age group for details

How can I reach a league representative about a question not answered here?

Please visit our contact page and you'll be put in-touch with a league board member